Pretty Baby Beauty was founded by entrepreneur Christiana Grammer.  Christiana has been in the beauty and culinary space for over 20 years.  She brings her knowledge as a former cosmetologist and creativeness as a pastry chef to create, and build brands that are inclusive. In this highly filtered and altered world we live in today we need to rethink the way we view the undefined beauty ideal. 

“I started the brand after years of trying to find the right products for my sensitive skin.  In the early years of my skincare and beauty journey it was a lot of trial and error plus a lot of money spent on overly priced chemically induced, useless products.  I began to get frustrated, feeling hopeless that I could not find products that wouldn’t break me out.  It wasn’t until I started to embrace my sensitive skin and began to really listen and pay attention to what my body was saying.  I was getting familiar with how my body reacted to what I was putting in and on it and how it responded to different situations that I was going through.  I was so intrigued with what I’ve learned on my own that I enrolled in cosmetology school just so I could learn more on a scientific and deeper level. After graduating and receiving my license I decided to make my own formulations, crafting them with plant based ingredients that were clean, vegan and cruelty free.  Soon after using my own products I saw my skin start to positively change, and I was not the only one that noticed. My friends, family, colleagues and strangers would ask me what do you use on your skin and how old are?  It was not until several years later that I realized I really was doing something right because I still received the exact same questions “what do you use on your skin, how old are you”.  When I started to reveal my age people were shocked and everyone would say “well whatever you’re doing keep doing it and bottle it up so the rest of us can know your secrets”.  So I finally decided to do just that.  Using my skincare regimen that I’ve followed for years combined with new found plant-nutrient science studies and ingredients, I set out to create a brand that everyone can benefit from.


Pretty Baby is a lifestyle skincare and beauty brand to inspire and empower many from all walks of life. We are extremely meticulous and focused on every product that we put out. PBB products and ingredients are clean and simple yet effective.

 From creating mindful plant powered pro concentrated skincare (a little goes a long way) to environmentally safe beauty tools and packaging that can be recycled. Pretty Baby Beauty strives to help enhance and bring out the star that already shines within you. We want you to feel amazing about our products from start to finish.